• Shrimp Mango Ceviche $12.50

    With mage, Jicama cucumber and lemon


    Empanadas stuffed with our original Argentinian ground beef recipe on a bed of spring mix topped with a classic chimichrri

  • Tuna Tacos $12.50

    Four tacos filled with a tuna stew served with a spicy Serrano sauce

  • Green Ceviche $13.50

    A mix of fresh tilapia cooked in lemon juice and spices served with a side of crackers

  • Shrimp Aguachile $18.50

    Shrimp cooked in a lemon sauce, coriander and Serrano peppers on a bed of shredded cucumber

  • Fried Cheese $13.50

    Fried cheese in olive oil with jilienne red onions, fresh garlic with ancho and guajillo peppers

  • Grilled Vegetables $11.00

    Asparagus, portabello and zucchini squash grilled accompanied by a cilantro sauce

  • Quesadillas Gobernador $11.00

    3 pieces of quesadillas with shrimp in chipotle cream sauce


  • Tomato Basil Soup $8.50

    Creamy tomato puree and fresh basil served with toasted silbata

  • Poblano Soup $8.50

    A succulent roasted poblano pepper cream soup accompanied with tortilla chips and mozzarella cheese


  • Spinach & Bacon Fettuccine Shrimp $18.50

  • Spinach & Bacon Fettuccine Chicken $16.00

  • Tamayo Fettuccine with Shrimp $18.50

    Fetuccinni pasta tossed in our homemade chipotle cream sauce

  • Tamayo Fettuccine with Chicken $16.00

    Fetuccinni pasta tossed in our homemade chipotle cream sauce


  • Wok Chicken $16.00

    Chicken breast sautéed with seasonal vegetables peanut sauce, coconut and arbol peppers (chile de arbol)

  • Shrimp in Garlic Sauce $18.75

    Shrimp with olive oil, garlic, guajillo pepper strips accompanied with steamed rice and vegetables

  • Grilled Chicken Breast $16.00

    Chicken breast grilled with steamed rice and vegetables

  • Thai Chicken $16.00

    Chicken breast cooked in a red curry sauce and coconut milk with peppers served over steamed rice

  • Spicy Green Beans w/ Shrimp $18.50

  • Spicy Green Beans w/ Tenderloin $20.00

  • Spicy Green Beans w/ Chicken $16.00

  • Spicy Green Beans w/ Salmon $25.50

  • Posh Spicy Green Beans $20.00


  • Grilled Salmon $23.50

  • Salmon Pesto $23.50

  • Grilled Salmon Chimichurri $23.50

  • Grilled Salmon Teriyaki $23.50


  • Peruvian Ceviche $20.00

    Exquisite Peruvian ceviche accompanied by crunchy squid and tasty chulpi corn, choclo corn additions, and soft sweet potato puree

  • Pasta Udon $22.50

    Delicious udon pasta, accompanied with seafood, lemon, and sauteed in light butter, and our fantastic uchucuta sauce.

  • Tiradito Nikkei $22.50

    Exquisite tuna tiradito with a mirror of our delicious aji amarillo, accompanied with a light touch of uchucuta sauce and avocado puree, giving a crunch texture of chulpi corn

  • Rice with Seafood $17.50

    Succulent rice with aji amarillo accompanied by fried seafood and crunchy pieces of salmon

  • Ezequiel Roll $17.50

    Exquisite maki stuffed with breaded shrimp and avocado, wrapped in salmon and bathed in aji amarillo and and a touch of chalaquita

  • Acevichado Roll $17.50

    Delicious maki roll on our exquisite tuna, stuffed with breaded shrimp and avocado, then bathed in our citrus acevichada sauces

  • Exodo Roll $17.50

    Succulent maki stuffed with shrimp, avocado, and tampico, wrapped in salmon and cooked medium bathed in a ginger sauce with oyster

  • Isaias Roll $17.50

    Maki with avocado and breaded shrimp on the inside, salmon on top, and a Roccoto's Leched de Tigre along with Chiquita Peruana on top

  • Acevichada Tower $20.00

    Our delicious tuna acevichada tower, improved with delicious citrus acevichada sauce, accompanied by sweet potato fries to give it a delicious touch of elegance